StepShot on GOTD - May, 2012

Imagine documenting and editing each step of a procedure until it reads perfectly, then combining it all together and exporting it as a document that’s available to everyone! It’s really that simple. It’s StepShot!

Create an explanation for your colleague on how to configure Outlook… or just a simple guide for your grandma on how to reach your photos on Facebook or Picasa. That’s more then simple!
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Have a floating semi-transparent thumbnail mouse-over enlarge image preview dock or panel of screen captured shots that can hover and toggle on the desktop and Stepshot app. This allows the user to quickly identify and select the preferred image to v

Joe Doo, 29.05.2012, 02:47
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this seems like it would be a terrific application for a Flash (.swf) output - that gives you the ability to animate it / deploy it to the web / more portible.

Martin Fitch, 29.05.2012, 02:47

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